Flavored red rooibos - Citrus



Flavored red rooibos - Citrus

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Give in to the ‘Laziness’ rooibos

And what about allowing yourself to be bewitched by a flavored red rooibos with citrus fruits?
Discover this red-orange blend, sometimes brown, with its small leaves shaped like spines and accompanied by a few orange peels and sunflower petals, the whole revealing fruity and citrus fruit perfumes, a real olfactory pleasure.

This ‘Laziness’ infusion will be ideally savored during a short refreshing and light break. Just like the other creations composing this Essence, this vegan blend on a red rooibos base introduces fruity notes with a little sour hint, reminding you of the citrus fruits in this blend.

A cup with citrus fruit flavors

You will certainly let yourself be carried away by the perfumes escaping from your cup, which will doubtlessly remind you of bergamot, lime, a few spicy notes… This infusion promises a light tea time, perfect at any time and especially during the warm days.

The ‘Trahison Byzantine’ rooibos offers a transparent beverage, with a delicious amber color and a silky and wide texture which is going to please your taste buds with sweetness. The notes of orange blossom are expressed on the palate, accompanied by citrus fruits, including bergamot, and flavors of lemon. In order to perfect this tasting and to make it even lighter, your taste buds are going to take great pleasure in the long finish ending on a floral note.

Savor this citrus fruit flavored rooibos hot or iced according to your desires, and for a pleasant change, discover or rediscover the other ‘Laziness’ teas!

What the Impertinent Parisian says (Creator of THEODOR teas and infusions…)

“I was never betrayed. I don’t have any friends. That helps a lot. However I already could witness this act, quite sour in my opinion, with a hint of… a dash of… and flavors of…

And while the world gets busy with legitimate or dishonest betrayals, I let myself dream of virtual friends whom I could betray in my turn...
Roll on Monday! »

N.B.: LIMITED and NUMBERED edition. Subject to product availability, discover your blend packed in an exclusive box, in limited edition from 1 to 1,000 numbered copies.

Would you like to learn more about this rooibos?
Josette will reveal some of its secrets under the '+ info' tab…

Time 4 - 6 min
Temperature 175°F
Time of the day Evening
Major notes Citrus Fruits


MAJOR NOTES: Citrus fruits

INGREDIENTS: Red rooibos (Origin: South Africa), Orange peels, Sunflower petals, Flavors (Orange blossom, Bergamot, Cola), Essential oils (Blood orange, Lime, Clementine).

To make your infusion sublime, parameters for perfect preparation:
INFUSION TIME: 4 to 6 minutes
TEMPERATURE: 175 °F (80°C)

To ideally preserve your rooibos, RECOMMENDATIONS:
  . Keep away from light, air and humidity, inside a tin
  . This rooibos benefits from a 2 year DMD (Date of Minimum Durability) starting from its packing

Manufactured and distributed by: S.F.T.O. 1842 - THEODOR / Z.I. RN 13 - Vill. D'Entreprises / 78270 Bonnières sur Seine – France
Consumer services:
Non-contractual pictures.
KOSHER certified tea | 100 % VEGAN guaranteed

Well... and why not these ones?(I will say that they are for Albert)


  • Christmas candle inspired by the flavored red rooibos with major notes of sandalwood, thyme and fruits of the forest.

    44,95 €
  • I make a donation in order to give smiles to hospitalized or autistic children, THEODOR will double its value.

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