Flavored blend of black tea and green maté - Chocolate, Chili



Flavored blend of black tea and green maté - Chocolate, Chili

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Discover a greedy and beneficial tea-maté blend

'Phoenix' blend of tea and maté is a creation partly composing the 'Some among us are contemplating the stars' tea collection, inviting us to look up to the sky and to discover the story of 3 constellations.

This blend is composed on a green maté from Brazil and black teas from China and Sri Lanka.
An intense combination that you are going to appreciate for a cup of wellness. Green maté being indeed renowned for its numerous health benefits, and especially for its energizing and antioxident properties.

Have a cup with flavors of almond and chocolate

The long black tea leaves and small green pieces of maté leaves are presenting delicious colors and are prettily decorated with pink berries and pieces of cocoa, releasing delicious greedy perfumes as from the opening of the teabag. Between almond, chocolate and spices, 'Phoenix' promises you a tasting rich in flavors.

The brewing of these leaves makes way to an amber-colored cup and a beverage which will reveal itself to be smooth in your mouth. On soft and sweet flavors, your taste buds will enjoy a cup of this tea-maté blend throughout the day.
Its buttered flavors are expressed on your palate with finesse, through the notes of almonds, chocolate and a spicy touch reminding of chili.

Savor a cup of this flavored blend of teas and maté and allow yourself a unique moment, filled with greediness and relaxation.

And for the taste buds lovers of citrus fruits, the other creation on a base of black tea from this tea collection, inspired by 'Perseus' constellation, is going to make you dream, with notes of bergamot and yuzu...

What is hiding behind 'Phoenix'...

Turn your gaze towards the South, the sky is inviting us to an encounter with ‘Phœnix’. Named after this legendary bird native from Africa, gifted with longevity and the power to rise again from its own ashes, this constellation is here translated with impudence into an adventurous flavored blend of black tea and green mate, that will certainly surprise your taste buds with exoticism and pleasure thanks to the harmonious balance of chocolate spiced up with chili.

Would you like to learn more about this blend of teas and mate?

Josette will reveal some of its secrets under the '+ info' tab…

Time 4 - 5 min
Temperature 185°F
Time of the day All day
Origin China, Sri Lanka, Brazil


MAJOR NOTES: Chocolate, almond, chili

INGREDIENTS: Black teas (Origins: China, Sri Lanka) (40%), Green mate (Origin: Brazil) (30%), Cocoa pieces (12%), Licorice roots, Red Pepper, Chili (3,5%), Flavors (Chocolate, Marzipan).

To make your infusion sublime, parameters for perfect preparation:
INFUSION TIME: 4 to 5 minutes
TEMPERATURE: 185 °F (85°C)

To ideally preserve your blend, RECOMMENDATIONS:
  . Keep away from light, air and humidity, inside a tin
  . Below a temperature of 15°C (Refrigerator is recommended between 3°C and 5°C)
  . This blend benefits from a 2 year DMD (Date of Minimum Durability) starting from its packing

Manufactured and distributed by: S.F.T.O. 1842 - THEODOR / Z.I. RN 13 - Vill. D'Entreprises / 78270 Bonnières sur Seine – France
Consumer services:
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KOSHER certified tea | 100% VEGAN guaranteed

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