Flavored black tea - Bergamot



Flavored black tea - Bergamot

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Discover the best of Earl Grey

An incomparable and indescribable citrus flavor, combined with black tea since always, this creation by THEODOR House claims to be authentic to the one that was offered to the Earl Grey by Chinese emperor and review this classic of British tea world of the noblest matter.

Sprinkled with cornflower and sunflower petals allowing the symbiosis between tea and bergamot and the perfect release of bewitching and zest flavors comforting any lover of this great ancestral blend.

Perfect to accompany your small vegan meals, this black tea from our Certitude Essence will plunge your taste buds into notes filled with magic and harmony which are not less delicious and balanced in your mouth. Lovers of Earl Grey teas or simple lovers of tea in any form whatsoever, allow yourself to be carry away until the tasting of these very warm flavors of citrus fruits…

Give in to bergamot flavors

The delicious flavors present at the discovery of the loose blend will be rediscovered on the palate during the tasting of this Earl Grey Royal tea, through a sumptuous dark beverage.

The zest notes are expressed with creaminess and roundness and offer flavors rich in bergamot to your taste buds, which are going to remain on the long finish, accompanied by a sour touch.

Well-known since the beginning of the19th century, Earl Grey tea owes its name to the famous politician, the second Earl Grey, who had made it his favorite tea after receiving it as a present for the Queen.
You will doubtlessly give in to the delicate notes of this flavored black tea with bergamot, which is also going to become, for sure, your favorite tea beverage!

What the creator of this flavored tea says

“To love a sure bet while appropriating it…This paradox does not bother me at all… My ‘Earl Grey’ is one of my essentials.

My British side? No, far from it; isn’t the Crown’s motto written in French? "Dieu et mon droit". Black tea is Chinese, bergamot is Italian and the Parisian know-how… and I remain the guest of this precious blend that punctuates my days.

So what?”

Would you like to learn more about this flavored creation?
Josette will reveal some of its secrets under the '+ info' tab…

Temperature 194°F
Time 3 - 4 min
Time of the day All day
Major notes Bergamot



INGREDIENTS: Black tea (Origin: China), Flavor (Bergamot), Cornflower petals, Sunflower petals.

To make your infusion sublime, parameters for perfect preparation:
INFUSION TIME: 3 to 4 minutes
TEMPERATURE: 195 °F (90°C)

To ideally preserve your tea, RECOMMENDATIONS:
  . Keep away from light, air and humidity, inside a tin
  . Below a temperature of 15°C (Refrigerator is recommended between 3°C and 5°C)
  . This tea benefits from a 2 year DMD (Date of Minimum Durability) starting from its packing

Manufactured and distributed by: S.F.T.O. 1842 - THEODOR / Z.I. RN 13 - Vill. D'Entreprises / 78270 Bonnières sur Seine – France
Consumer services: boutique@sfto1842.com
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KOSHER certified tea | 100 % VEGAN guaranteed

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