Assortment gift set of 50 individual teabags with overwrapping.

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Assortment gift set of 50 individual teabags with overwrapping.

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  • LA TETE EN L'AIR - Gift Box
  • LA TETE EN L'AIR - Gift Box
  • LA TETE EN L'AIR - Gift Box

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Plunge into THEODOR' tea universes!

Let's go off to discover THEODOR House's five tea universes through 'La Tête en l'air' tea assortment gift set of 50 teabags.

Preciously made by hand and composed of 10 inescapable infusion and tea references, this gift set is perfect to discover or to allow someone to discover new flavors and to carry away any tea lover's taste buds.
This pretty tea gift set is adorned with a cover illustrated by Claudio B., especially designed for THEODOR.

Each blend it contains was delicately packed by our "little hands" inside our factory in Bonnières sur Seine (78 - France), inside an individual precious teabag with overwrapping, in order to provide you with a privileged and unique moment for each of your tastings.

A gift set for all tea lovers

Do your taste bud like flavored black teas? The greedy notes of our teas 'Place Saint Marc' and 'Je t'aime' will allow you to discover delicious sweet and fruity flavors.

Are you looking for a flavored green tea for a light moment? Allow yourself to be tempted by 'On va se revoir...' mint-bergamot flavored tea, or even by a 'Je ne sais quoi...' with greedy flavors of vanilla and cookie.

Do you prefer a plain tea for breakfast? Choose a Ceylan black tea or a Chinese green tea.
Are you rather looking for an infusion or a theine-free blend to relax at the end of the day? Our 'Weeds' and 'Herbal teas' universes offer you theine-free creations, such as 'Une autre idée...?' exotic red rooibos, 'Mélange du Jardin d'Alix' fruit infusion, famous 'Tisane de l'abbaye' herbal tea or even classic and delicious 'Verveine'.

THEODOR presents this selection of blends to you and invites you to start or to continue your journey through the different tea universes.
This tea assortment gift set will be the perfect gift for lovers of tea, and will provide many surprising and bewitching tea times.

This tea gift set contains 5 precious teabags of each of these references:

  • 'PLACE ST MARC', black tea with major notes of strawberry, raspberry, vanilla
  • 'JE T'AIME', black tea with notes of pistachio macaron
  • 'ON VA SE REVOIR', green tea with notes of peppermint and bergamot
  • 'JE NE SAIS QUOI...', green tea with major notes of vanilla and cookie
  • 'UNE AUTRE IDÉE...?', red rooibos with major notes of exotic fruits, peach and vanilla
  • 'MÉLANGE DU JARDIN D'ALIX', fruit infusion with major notes of apple, peach, apricot
  • 'CEYLAN O.P. SUPÉRIEUR', Ceylon black tea
  • 'GREAT HUNAN', Chinese green tea
  • 'VERVEINE', herbal tea plant
  • 'TISANE DE L'ABBAYE', blend of herbal tea plants with major notes of lemongrass, mint and orange blossom

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'PLACE ST MARC’: Black teas (Origins: China, Sri Lanka), Sunflower petals, Strawberry pieces, Flavors (Strawberry, Raspberry, Vanilla, Cherry).

'JE T’AIME’: Black teas (Origins: China, Sri Lanka), Coconut flakes, Almond pieces*, Rose petals, Peony petals, Flavors (Coconut, Pistachio, Chocolate, Macaron).

'ON VA SE REVOIR’: Gunpowder green tea (Origin: China), "Nanah" Spearmint leaves (3,5%), Flavors (Bergamot, Pepper, Spearmint, Orange blossom).

'JE NE SAIS QUOI...’: Green tea (Origin: China), Caramel pieces**, Vanilla pieces, Sunflower petals, Flavors (Vanilla, Cookie).

'UNE AUTRE IDÉE?’: Red rooibos (Origin: South Africa), Coconut flakes, Pineapple pieces, Marigold flowers, Flavors (Soursop, Pineapple, Red passion fruit, Peach, Cream, Vanilla ).

'MÉLANGE DU JARDIN D’ALIX’: Apple pieces, Rosehip barks, Hibiscus flower, Flavors (Apricot, Peach).

'CEYLAN O.P. SUPÉRIEUR’: Green tea from Ceylon (Origin: Sri Lanka).

'GREAT HUNAN’: Green tea from Hunan (Origin: China).

‘VERVEINE’: Verbena (Origin: Paraguay).

'TISANE DE L’ABBAYE’: Lime blossom, Verbena, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Orange blossom.

Manufactured and distributed by: S.F.T.O. 1842 - THEODOR / Z.I. RN 13 - Vill. D'Entreprises / 78270 Bonnières sur Seine – France
Consumer services: boutique@sfto1842.com
Non-contractual pictures.
KOSHER certified tea

*Ingredient identified as an allergen, may contain traces of nut.
**Ingredient identified as an allergen, may contain traces of milk.

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