Christmas tea assortment gift set of 50 individually overwrapped precious teabags. Designed by Tarout.

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Christmas tea assortment gift set of 50 individually overwrapped precious teabags. Designed by Tarout.

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A tea assortment gift set which will enchant your taste buds…

Rediscover the five creations composing the House’s unique tea collection on the ‘Laponic’ theme inside a gift set of 50 individual teabags with festive colors.

Designed by the talented artist and Japanese designer Tarout, it wears the colors of this year’s end season and gathers Lunny and the five characters put in the spotlight through the teas.

You will recognize Exotic Lady, Quiet Girl, Glutton Boy, Lonely Granny and of course the Impertinent Parisian who, together, are inviting you to share many tea times with joy and smiles.

Enjoying tea time would never have been that easy: heat the water, chose the blend of the moment to brew and savor! THEODOR’s individual ‘precious’ teabags provide you with the exact same quality as the one of our loose teas, and will be effortlessly slipped into your bag to give you greedy moments whatever the place.

Gift idea: the Christmas tea gift set

This tea gift set is the perfect gift idea for lovers of tea and gustatory discoveries. It is going to satisfy all palates through the five creations, each one composed on a different blend.

- You rather like… an intense black tea to wake up: prepare yourself a teabag of ‘Lonely Granny - Laponic December 25th Black’, combining notes of cranberry and rosemary, the whole on a black tea base and sprinkled with a woody note of oak moss on the long finish. The perfect cup to start the day.

- You rather like… a light green tea for an afternoon tea time: surprise your taste buds with ‘Glutton Boy - Laponic December 25th Green’; a green tea blend delicately flavored with redcurrant, pine buds, with a touch a juniper berries and verbena. For a light and vegetal tea break at any time of the day.

- You rather like… a tasting at any time: you are going to give in to the ‘Exotic Lady - Laponic December 25th Red’, a blend of red rooibos, fruits of the forest and thyme, with flavors of sandalwood in background notes, with sweet flavors. This theine-free creation will accompany you during the day or the evening for a comforting moment.

- You rather like… a delicate white tea for an exceptional tea time: savor the notes of blackberry and basil, combined with a white tea, with a woody note of cedar in background note. The perfect blend to allow yourself a privileged moment during the weekend or for a special occasion.

- You rather like… a theine-free tea time: ‘L'Insolent Parisien - Les Herbes insolentes Laponic’ Christmas herbal tea will accompany you whatever the moment, through a blend of infusion plants deliciously flavored with spices and citrus fruits. Perfect at the end of the day or to end a copious meal to eliminate the excesses.

This tea gift set is the perfect gift which will satisfy all tea lovers or will simply allow to discover the pleasure of tea, through a selection of unique and surprising blends, to be savored depending on your mood or your desire of the moment.

THEODOR wishes you a wonderful Christmas!

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'25 DÉCEMBRE LAPONIC BLACK - LONELY GRANNY' : Black teas (Origins: China, Sri Lanka) (89,6%), Elderflowers, Flavors (Cranberry, Rosemary, Oak moss), Poppy flowers.

'25 DÉCEMBRE LAPONIC GREEN - GLUTTON BOY': Green tea (Origin: China) (71%), Verbena (8%), Juniper Berries (8%), Flavors (Red currant, Pine tree, Geranium), Pine buds (5%), Heather flowers.

'25 DÉCEMBRE LAPONIC RED - EXOTIC LADY': Red rooibos (Origin: South Africa) (82,5%),Thyme (7%), Flavors (Blackcurrant, Forest fruits), Sandalwood (3%), Rose petals, Jasmine flowers.

'25 DÉCEMBRE LAPONIC WHITE - QUIET GIRL': White tea (Origin: China) (76,7%), sweat Blackbery leaves (8%), Flavors (Blackberry, Cedar, Basil),  Raspberry pieces, Blackberry pieces (4%), Mallow flowers, White cornflowers.

'LES HERBES INSOLENTES LAPONIC - L'INSOLENT PARISIEN': Chamomile, Lemongrass, Fennel seeds, Rooibos (Origin: South Africa), Licorice roots, Blackberry leaves, Orange peels, Verbena, Brazilian pepper, Rose petals

Manufactured and distributed by: S.F.T.O. 1842 - THEODOR / Z.I. RN 13 - Vill. D'Entreprises / 78270 Bonnières sur Seine – France
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KOSHER certified tea | 100% VEGAN guaranteed

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