Tea gift set, containing the 4 blends of 'Imprudence' essence (20g glass vials).

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Tea gift set, containing the 4 blends of 'Imprudence' essence (20g glass vials).

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An exotic tea gift set to be shared

To make a beautiful gift or to treat yourself with exotic and fruity notes, to allow your taste buds to travel to warm countries allowing you to dream of elsewhere, or simply for your light breaks, THEODOR invites you to discover the 'Imprudence' Parisian gift set of curiosities. One blend for every mood, to be enjoyed to your heart's content.

"Je suis désolée(e)...", a creation on a black tea base, accompanied by flavors of Goji berry and Dragon fruit, the whole with a touch of cola to make your taste buds quiver. A flavored black tea to be savored in the morning as much as in the afternoon for a tea time on the theme of exoticism.

"Voulez-vous ?", to be discovered for original and fruity moments. This rhubarb-red fruit green tea is enveloping your palate with its mellow txture, between sweet and sour flavors, a true delight that you will enjoy for tea time. Delicious in hot or in iced version, to make a pleasant change on any weather!

"Mélange du jardin d'Alix", the fruit infusion to satisfy both children and adults at any time. A theine-free creation with delicious flavors of apple, peach and apricot. Lovers of sweet notes will love it for a greedy break.

"Korean Daehsan Nokcha", a Korean green tea for a delicate morning tea time. Perfect to begin with origin teas or simply for lovers of soft and round natural notes.

To make an original present and to bewitch the taste buds with exotic flavors, the 'Imprudence' tea gift set will be the perfect gift to slip under your Christmas tree or to place on the gift table, to be sure you make your loved ones happy!
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Four teas to be discovered or to make a gift

Give in to this pretty loose tea gift set, filled with elegance and finesse just like the House's mytical tin. It offers four delicious blends to be discovered and rediscovered to your heart's content, on the theme of exoticism with intense and fruity notes.

Inside, you will find four glass vials which are a real pleasure for the eyes, revealing the pretty colors of the tea leaves and the fruit blend composing it, and already inviting to taste them!

Black tea, green tea, fruit infusion, plain tea, the choice is yours for the tea time of the day. A beautiful assortment to please any tea lover and make them happy on any occasion.

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'JE SUIS DÉSOLÉ(E)...': Black tea (Origin: China) (89%), Goji berries (6%), Flavors (Dragon fruit (Pitaya), Cream, Cola), Cornflower petals.

'VOULEZ-VOUS ?': Green tea (Origin: China) (88%), Hibiscus, Coconut flakes, Flavors (Cherry, Lemon, Cream, Rhubarb), Cornflower petals.

'MÉLANGE DU JARDIN D'ALIX': Apple pieces, Rosehip barks, Hibiscus flower, Flavors (Apricot, Peach).

'KOREAN DAEHSAN NOKCHA': Green tea from Korea.

Manufactured and distributed by: S.F.T.O. 1842 - THEODOR / Z.I. RN 13 - Vill. D'Entreprises / 78270 Bonnières sur Seine – France
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KOSHER certified tea

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