Gift set compsed of the 4 teas of 'Narcissism' essence (20g glass vials).

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Gift set compsed of the 4 teas of 'Narcissism' essence (20g glass vials).

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A gift set for pretty discoveries: greedy tea, Pu er tea, infusion...

A gift set on the theme 'Narcissism', for all tea lovers looking for discovery and original creations. Allow you senses to escape by enjoying pastry notes, filled with intensity and sweetness, around the four 'Narcissism' teas.

The black tea flavored with lemon meringue pie is certainly going to satisfy the greediest ones, for a little treat, "Sans complexe" as they say in French! It will accompany your breakfast willingly, or your dessert, or even a little break, with its greedy sweet and sour notes, and all of this without any calorie!

For a cup filled with finesse and elegance, let's fly to the Land of the Rising Sun and its delicate cherry blossoms, bewitching notes that you will rediscover through a little cup of "Hanami Impérial", the 'Narcissism' green tea, taking us directly to Japan through its flavors of cherry blossom and red fruits.

A fruit infusion filled with "Joie de vivre", offering its delicious fruity flavors to you at any time. It doesn't contain any theine and will satisfy the oldest ones like the youngest ones ; between notes of papaya, flavors of melon, and a touch of mint. The infusion to be shared hot or iced, for moments filled with greediness.

A Pu Er tea coming straight from China for lovers of these typical 'earthy' notes, reminding of 'undergrowth'. Perfect to start your day properly.

Make a beautiful gift with a THEODOR gift set

In order to make your Christmas presents sublime or simply to make someone happy for a birthday, a party, on Valentine's Day... Any occasion is good to share tea creations inside this pretty case bearing the House's colors.

The Parisian gift set of curiosities 'Narcissism' contains four glass vials. Inside each of them, you will rediscover four delicious blends with pastry and fruity notes, that you can enjoy at any time for intense tea times.

This gift set will be the perfect gift for all lovers of teas and infusions with rich notes, allowing their taste buds to travel. Perfect to make your home sublime and to be carried anywhere with you thanks to its pretty handle.

A new Parisian gift set of curiosities joining THEODOR's collection for your eyes' and taste buds' greatest pleasure!

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'SANS COMPLEXE' : Black tea (Origin: China), Zests of lemon, Flavors (Yoghurt, Cream, Vanilla, Biscuit, Lemon).

'HANAMI IMPÉRIAL' : Green teas (Origins: China, Japan) (93%), Rose petals (4%), Flavors (Cherry blossom, Raspberry) (3%).

'JOIE DE VIVRE' : Apple, papaya and pineapple pieces, Hibiscus, Lemongrass, Goji berries, Blackberry leaves, Spearmint leaves, Rose petals, Flavors (Cupuaçu, melon).

'PU ERH TERRE DE CHINE' : Pu Erh black tea from Yunnan (Origin: China).

Manufactured and distributed by: S.F.T.O. 1842 - THEODOR / Z.I. RN 13 - Vill. D'Entreprises / 78270 Bonnières sur Seine – France
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KOSHER certified tea

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