Gift set composed of the 4 'Caprice' teas (20g glass vials).

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Gift set composed of the 4 'Caprice' teas (20g glass vials).

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A tea gift set to treat yourself or to give somebody

Discover a wonderful loose tea gift set, with an elegant design and which will remind you of the shape of the House’s famous ECLEA tin. Composed of four glass vials, this gift set invites you to discover four blends, four unique creations signed by THEODOR in order to satisfy all types of tea lovers according to their desires.

Each of these flasks composing this Parisian gift set of curiosities will offer you one tea or infusion for colorful tea times.

It is added to the existing collection of THEODOR’s Parisian gift sets of curiosities, with bewitching notes of fruits, making a perfect gift idea for lovers of discoveries, of greedy moments and above all... of tea!

Teas on the theme of Caprice

Rediscover the four ‘Caprice’ blends through this tea gift set.
Are you dreaming of fruity flavors, filled with warmth, to allow yourself tea breaks at any time? This ‘Caprice’ Essence will satisfy your taste buds with its various blends and will be shared with pleasure between lovers.

One flavored black tea with notes of citrus fruits, ‘October Revelation’; a perfect creation for citrus note enthusiasts, from grapefruit to lime, through bergamot…the whole on a base composed on a blend of Chinese and Sri Lankan black teas. An occasion to prepare a cup that will be savored at any time of the day for a well-deserved break.

One flavored green tea, which has everything of a ‘Coïncidence Green’, through this harmony between a Sencha green tea and notes of exotic fruits, reminding of the sweetness of passion fruit, the smoothness of mango and the generosity of pineapple. Think about it if you simply need a light and fruity tea break.

One fruit infusion with divine flavors… ‘Je m’appelle Dorothée’ offers you its notes of redcurrants, pineapple, cherry and banana, the whole accompanied by floral flavors. It will satisfy any lover of fruit infusion, and at any time of the day, since it does not contain and is no tea.

One ‘Assam G.F.O.P. Supérieur’ black tea, invigorating and intense in your mouth, transporting you to Indian lands in only a few seconds, for a cup filled with character.

Allow yourself to be carried away by a whirl of flavors and give yourself intense and unique moment with this ‘Caprice’ tea gift set, without forgetting that it can also be a very beautiful gift idea.

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'OCTOBER REVELATION': Black teas (Origins: China, Sri Lanka) (93,2%), Cornflower petals, Flavors (Grapefruit, Sweet lemon, Sweet orange, Mandarin, Lime, Clementine, Bergamot), Zests of Lemon.

'COÏNCIDENCE GREEN': Green tea (Origin: China), Flavor (Exotic Fruits), Cornflower petals.

'JE M'APPELLE DOROTHÉE': Pieces of Hibiscus, Currants, Pineapple, Cherries and dried Bananas, Flavors (Cherry, Banana).

'ASSAM G.F.O.P. SUPÉRIEUR': Black Assam tea (Origin: India).

Manufactured and distributed by: S.F.T.O. 1842 - THEODOR / Z.I. RN 13 - Vill. D'Entreprises / 78270 Bonnières sur Seine – France
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KOSHER certified tea

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