THEODOR 2019 Tea Advent Calendar containing tea, infusion, beautiful surprises and one chance to win a wonderful trip.

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THEODOR 2019 Tea Advent Calendar containing tea, infusion, beautiful surprises and one chance to win a wonderful trip.

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  • 2019 Tea Advent Calendar
  • 2019 Tea Advent Calendar
  • 2019 Tea Advent Calendar
  • 2019 Tea Advent Calendar
  • 2019 Tea Advent Calendar
  • 2019 Tea Advent Calendar

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Info dated 11/05 - Now SOLD OUT! See you next year, in the meantime, DISCOVER NOW ITS LITTLE BROTHER, New Year or Advent Calendar!
If you are in Paris, you can still find it in Paris 16e arr. 28 rue des sablons ('Trocadéro' Metro or rue de la pompe). Don't hesitate to call ahead, 01 45 05 25 98.

Info dated 10/23 - Soon sold out!

Info dated 10/07/19 - It's here! New 2019 tea Advent Calendar is now available!

Info dated 09/26/19 – Quickly sold out in 2017 and 2018, THEODOR offers you to discover in premiere its new 2019 Tea Advent Calendar, so that you can pre-order it now! Official release on October 7th.

Discover the 2019 Tea Advent Calendar!

Those who were lucky to have one of the previous editions in their possession know it well, the content of Theodor's Advent calendars has always been magical and exceptionnal. That's the reason why he is so much eagerly awaited for!
This new calendar will be no different and THEODOR wanted to make of this new 2019 edition a calendar which is even more magical, with a brand-new content filled with wonder and of course with teas and infusions.

It's THE tea advent calendar for tea lovers, THE perfect gift for all of those wanting to discover this universe before Christmas, THE perfect tea assortment gift set to share moments filled with promises and imbued with small pleasures with your family.
After Lapland, Japan, Russia, THEODOR is inviting you to a stroll along the Seine River, through the discovery of exclusive surprises and of its teas and infusions which have always been inspired by Paris, its poetry, its elegance, its romantism, its perfumes...

To give someone or yourself as a gift? For 24 days of tea, surprises and pure happiness before Christmas! After Lapland, the Land of the Rising Sun or even Russian lands, this year again, our tea house wanted to provide you with an adventure filled with magic and wonder, and is now introducing its brand-new 2019 Tea Advent Calendar to you, on the theme of Paris.

Like for every edition, THEODOR prepared a nice little program for the Advent time, between flavored infusion and tea creations, plain teas, herbal teas to provide you with flowery, fruity spicy or even greedy tea times… but not only, this calendar also contains little (and big) surprises to amaze you and to brighten up every day of the Advent while waiting for Christmas!

Paris in the spotlight through this new Tea Advent Calendar…

Day after day, allow yourself to be carried by a story with poetry and refinement through this Advent Calendar containing teas, infusions and surprises, imagined like a romantic stirring tribute to Mr Eiffel’s creation filled with beauty, through a letter addressed to his “demoiselle”…

A delicious invitation to take a fresh look at Paris, with tenderness and creativity, through love, poetry and bringing up all of these essences, the ones from tea’s flavors inspiring those of a teabag you would brew while writing a few words on a paper, that is the promise of this calendar.

You could also see a few words, as if they had been borrowed from a certain “Eiffel” some 130 years ago,  who was making Paris sublime with his Tower on the banks of the Seine River.
Discover now this beautiful story written like a true declaration throughout the boxes to open…

A gift idea to spread all around you

You will find a total value of more than 120€ worth of THEODOR products inside this 2019 Tea Calendar, which will be the perfect gift idea to make lovers of tea, surprises and poetry happy with the approaching Holidays.

Once again this year, it is presented to you inside its innovative and eco-friendly packing*, with its boxes to discover and to open on the sides of the calendar, allowing you to keep its pretty Parisian design intact until the opening of the very last box, to enjoy it to the fullest.

Each and every lucky ones owning their “Tea Advent Calendar – Une balade en bord de Seine” will eagerly discover the very exclusive (little and big) surprises slipped inside the boxes every day.
And in order to make this 2019 Christmas in Paris even more magical, prepare yourself to try your luck at winning a wonderful trip to compose yourself!

You are probably asking yourself how to win… it is very simple, inside one of your calendar’s boxes, one mysterious map has been slipped. Following the instructions you will discover on this map, you will maybe be the happy winner of this trip of the destination of your choice!

But be careful! No cheating, you will have to wait until December 1st before opening the very first box of your Tea Advent Calendar and discover what is hiding behind it…

Joyeux Noël ! Merry Christmas!

N.B.: (VERY) VERY LIMITED EDITION OF THE 2019 TEA ADVENT CALENDAR. Subject to stock availability.

*designed for a minimum use of packing and raw materials, such as plastic materials, for its manufacturing in order to limit its environmental impact.

Would you like to learn more about this 2019 tea advent calendar? 
Josette will reveal some of its secrets under the '+ info' tab…


Dimensions: 38 x 38 x 7,5 cm

Content: A brand-new selection for this year, with more than 50 precious infusion or teabags of 19 different references, one glass vial containing 20g of one of the Impertinent Parisian's creations, beautiful and exclusive surprises and one chance to win a wonderful trip of the destination of your choice...

Gross weight: 1.160kg
Net weigth: 358g

Price indicated incl. VAT for 1 calendar
Special offer for 2 ordered calendars: 149.99 € instead of 159.90€

*Game subject to purchase obligation

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