THEODOR shakes up the universe of tea with its contemporary and refined soul.

A Creation House  founded in 2002 in the heart of the 16th arrondissement, close to the Trocadéro, in a shop listed from the early 19th century. A Parisian bias of the tea world, where the challenge is to re-enchant it, to inject sense, quality, and memory into it, as well as some creative, design and artistic knowledge.

There are five colors, five universes to discover, leading to the source of tea, in a stroll of senses: Plain teas, flavored black teas, flavored green teas, infusions maliciously called ‘weeds’ or ‘herbal teas’. Gray, black, green, pink, sky blue, the colors are making obvious a classification designed to meet the desire of the moment, all the desires of one moment.

With the Seine River as a witness, we express our know-how in our workshops. Quest of beauty, sense and excellence, fragrances and cadences are telling our story, which is building itself every day around ethical and aesthetic values made in France.

Paris inspires us and draws for us a horizon constantly expanding. Operating in 30 countries worldwide, THEODOR has now become a global ambassador of the art of tea ‘à la Parisienne’.