The Impertinent Parisian

L'insolent Parisien

Since 2002 Guillaume Leleu is the ‘terrible child’ of the tea world, impertinent with talent. He still wears the look of a mischievous and marveled child. According to him, ‘The only way to have a cup of tea, is by loving it’.


From Guillaume Leleu's perspective, tea imposed itself as an evidence.
He lent his pen to the complex task of describing with words the flavors of the teas that were sent to him by a great Tea Master. Today, in the secrecy of his laboratory on the verge of the Seine river, he expresses his talent of 'nose'.

Behind his 'terrible child' look, a recognized professional hides himself, who masterfully achieves to connect tradition with innovation, while humbly showing respect for the origins of tea. Because according to him, three essential elements must never be forgotten and are essential to make a great tea: the sky, the earth, and the human beings.

Master blends, teas of exception, delicate details, the beauty-filled mark of the artist emerges and allows us to travel. Guillaume Leleu has reached the unattainable for a large number of creators: reaching to the universal while drawing a smile on everyone’s faces, thanks to a cup of tea. Like an intimate and personal treasure.

One could not wish for a better reward than that.


The Impertinent Parisian signs THEODOR House's creations. His inspiration is embodied by sixteen essences, drawing the aromatic palette of tea in an impertinent and poetic way.
Impertinent, because it invites us to take back roads, to welcome the unexpectable.
Poetic, because it allows us to discover horizons that tumble and shake up our look, our senses, brings us to the chance for desire, from astonishment to surprise, and invites us to be amazed before the revisited Parisian daily life.