At THEODOR, Excellence is a requirement and this excellence is daily expressed by a philosophy based on sincerity and quality bearing values which are respectful for both Human beings and environment.

The act of buying a product is, by nature, an act of trust towards a brand, its identity and its commitment. Nowadays, trade, food and public health scandals, misleading advertising... are all elements that make us ponder and ask ourselves the right questions.

Many tools, labels have been established to reassure all of us, as consumers. However, a lot of brands are using it as a marketing tool and cross the line by deceiving us in an ostentatious and abusive way.

THEODOR does not believe in these tools and does not want to associate with them.

This is the main reason why it is important and essential for us to be transparent with what builds our values, our philosophy, and our guideline, in order to guarantee the quality of the experience we want to offer our customers.

Our THEODOR house enshrines above all in a responsibility of quality, based on grounds which liven up our team every day.

When it is possible, we have always prioritized to work with products made of recycled or recyclable materials, to supply ourselves following an approach of equity and biodiversity, and to use entirely natural resources.

Our commitment to eco-citizenship is not a part of our commercial and marketing strategy. It is rather a reference, the basis of our know-how, and this is the reason why we don’t put labels on our products nor use any other tool promoting this sort of actions.

We would like to prove to everyone that quality cannot be bought nor claimed. Quality should rather be the logical path to take for a brand, and it should fit naturally into its vision.

This is the choice we have made, and to which we commit ourselves every day, for you.

It is our wish that you appreciate our products because of their excellence, rather than because of commercial or fashionable criteria.

By trusting us, you participate every day in a different idea of trade.