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Last modification on: 12/29/2016

During your navigation on the website (hereinafter referred to as the « website »), it is likely that THEODOR collects anonymous personal data, such as when you access the website, the visited pages… This page will allow you to learn more about the origin and the way these collected data are used when you visit our website.

THEODOR grants great importance to the respect of your privacy and is keen to inform you on the use of the collected information, especially in order to offer an optimal experience when you browse our website, taking into account your preferences and wishes.


The navigation on THEODOR Paris’ website implies that the user agrees to the gathering and use of personal data as they are presented and described in the present “Cookies policy”. This policy completes our “General Terms of Sale’ and is applicable to the whole website. During your first visit, and by continuing your browsing on the website, you agree to the terms stated in this “Cookies Policy”.

This “Cookies Policy” can be modified at any time, without notice, and the changes will take effect immediately. Following each modification or update of the texts contained in this “Cookies policy”, this one will be visible and available on the website, preceded by the last update date.

As a consequence, the user must keep himself/herself informed, by regularly visiting the concerned page.

THEODOR does not resell you data to any third party nor company, and uses them only in order to always offer you an optimal navigation and to analyze the website’s performances.


    What is a cookie?

A cookie refers to a small text file that the website sends to your browser, enabling to store some anonymous information on your device. The gathered information might be related to general data to access the website, such as the number of visits, or to more specific data in order to personalize the experience during the next interactions with the website. These data do not contain any named references and are gathered anonymously.

Some cookies are necessary to the navigation on the website in order to offer you a pleasant experience as well as to give you access to the main features, such as the use of a cart or the access to your user account. These cookies cannot be disabled and the concerned information are dealt with by THEODOR with the greatest of care for your privacy.

  Purposes of the cookies

Personal data are collected by THEODOR when you browse the website, in order to make your digital experience optimal. Your data can be used to offer you some services; such as the newsletter; to anonymously study the volumes and frequency of visits in order to analyze the website’s performances, to offer your advertisements that are suitable to your product and browsing preferences and to offer you the possibility to share your favorite products with your friends through social networks.

  Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies gather data in order to personalize your experience on the website, unlike those collected within the scope of cookies necessary to the functioning, these data are not saved on our website, but by third parties. You have the possibility to oppose the installation of these third-party cookies by setting parameters for your browser so it refuses them. In order to do that, please refer to the next paragraph, “Enable, disable or delete cookies from your browser”.
We invite you to read the independent policies on data protection of the concerned third party websites in order to learn more about the processing of your data by these websites.

  • Cookies necessary to THEODOR’s website functioning
    These cookies are necessary to your navigation on the website. They grant you access to features offered on our website, such as the use of a shopping cart.

  • Social network cookies
    Our website contains links to share on Facebook, Twitter, and other similar social networks, allowing you to share a product that you liked. When using these share buttons, a third party cookie is installed. If you are identified on the social network while browsing our website, the share button allows to connect the visited content to your user account.

    If you do not want that the social networks can have access to these data through your user account through the intermediary of our website, you will need to log out of the concerned social network. For further information on the use of cookies by Facebook:
  • Web analytics cookies
    Always wishing to improve your navigation on the website, THEODOR uses tools enabling to measure the number of visits, their frequency, as well as the data related to the users’ activity when browsing the website. And this in order to keep statistics of the number of visits and the use of the website, to always propose the best to you during your visit. These data are anonymous and do not, in any case, enable us to identify you. It is through the Google Analytics tool, developed by Google, that these information are gathered. (

  • Advertising cookies
    With the aim of improving and personalizing your navigation at best, advertising cookies are used. These ones are especially present within the scope of personalization and targeting of advertising content which can appear on other websites, in accordance with your preferences and interests. The information gathered through these cookies refer to the users’ browsing habits and to the visited pages for example, and these data remains anonymous.

    These advertising cookies enable us to:
    - Analyze statistics related to the number of visits and the use of the various sections of our website (the visited pages).
    - To follow the performances of advertising contents presented within the scope of product promotions, through the number of clicks they produced.
    - To offer you services and products that are targeted and adapted to your interests.


At any time, you can decide to disable and delete the cookies from the website by setting parameters for your browser.

  • Set parameters for and/or delete cookies with Internet Explorer
    a. Cookie configuration
    - Select Tools, then Internet options.
    - Select the Privacy tab and move the cursor to the Settings tab, then select OK.
    - As and when you move the cursor, Internet Explorer gives you a description of the cookie types that are blocked or allowed at this privacy level.
    - Be careful, disabling cookies can provide some web pages from opening properly.

    b. Delete cookies
    - Select Tools, then Delete browsing history
    - Select the Cookies and website data checkbox, then select Delete.

    + d'info:

  • Set parameters for and/or delete cookies with Firefox
    a. Cookie configuration
    - Select the Menu button, then Options.
    - In the Privacy tab, set Firefox will to Use custom settings for history.
    - Check Accept cookies from sites to enable cookies or uncheck it to disable them.
    - Choose how long you allow the cookies to be stored.

    b. Delete cookies
    - Select the Menu button, then Options.
    - In the Privacy tab, select Clear recent history.
    - Choose the time range to clear.
    - Check the Cookies and Website data boxes, then click Clear now.

    + d'info:

  • Set parameters for and/or delete cookies with Safari
    a. Cookie configuration
    - Select Safari, then Preferences.
    - Select the privacy tab.
    - For the Cookies and website data option, check the box matching the cookie configuration you want.

    b. Delete cookies
    - Select Safari, then Preferences.
    - Select the privacy tab.
    - Select Remove All Website Data (select Details to choose one or more websites), then select Remove to delete all data.

    + d'info:

  • Set parameters for and/or delete cookies with Google Chrome
    a. Cookie configuration
    - Select the Chrome Menu, click Settings.
    - At the bottom, select Show advanced settings.
    - In the Privacy section, select Content settings.
    - The following parameters can be changed in the Cookies section: Block all cookies, allow all cookies, keep all cookies and website data until the browser is closed, define exceptions for cookies coming from some websites or domains.

    b. Delete cookies
    - Select the Chrome Menu, click Settings.
    - At the bottom, select Show advanced settings.
    - In the Privacy section, select Content settings.
    - In the Cookies section, you can delete them:
    - Select Cookies and website data to open the dialog box: to delete all cookies, select Remove all, to delete one specific cookie point to the website where the cookie comes from and click Close X.

    + d’info:



Each user has a right to access and modify his/her personal data.

Each user also has the possibility to refuse, for legitimate reasons, his/her data to be the object of a processing by the data controller.

These rights can be exercised by writing to or to the following address: S.F.T.O. 1842 – Department for user data– BP34B Z.I. RN 13 – 78270 Bonnières sur Seine, France.